Saki - Football Freestyler

Saki Football Freestyler Ronaldo Lookalike

Saki is a world class freestyle footballer and Cristiano Ronaldo Lookalike - Double, with a massive fan-based online. Companies and sponsors with different partnerships launch various promotional campaigns along with remarkable and exclusive advertising. The highlights of football freestyler and Cristiano Ronaldo double Saki’s career thus far are the goal he scored, in a friendly match against Bundesliga team and Champions-League Finalist Borussia Dortmund and performing in a Real Madrid Champions League advertisement on Germany's Pay TV channel Sky and he traveled for his events also around the world. Saki is not only a renowned freestyle footballer but a Television personality. Having been a part of major events and collaborated with companies such as Audi, Adidas, Deichmann.. Saki is not only known for his incredible footballing freestyle skills but also his striking similarity to Real Madrid sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Saki finds great pleasure and enjoyment from the reaction he receives from the crowd or the fans that he performs for. This talented and humble personality has over enormous following of Millions people on the social networks. Companies and sponsors look forward to this prosperous partnership with a celebrity of Saki’s calibre. What is Football Freestyle? Freestyle football is where an athlete performs using a ball, bouncing it around with their heads and shoulders and doing tricks with a football while either simply remaining at place or climbing a street light or doing something else that seems to require either great freestyle skill.

Video: Saki the Football Freestyler